Innovation Blogs


There are a number of great Innovation Blogs that I follow on a regular basis to learn more about the field, I’ve decided to share my list below but would love to hear from you what blogs and websites you follow that I might have missed:

Innovation Experts




TED Books


I recently downloaded the TED Books app and am very impressed with the way TED can continue its message in written format. TED provided the following guidelines for varying types of content that is available and where TED Books fits in:

Tweet: 4 seconds
TED Talk: 18 minutes
Magazine article: half-hour
TED Book: an hour
Non-fiction book: a week
Moby Dick: never really get around to finishing it.

I opted to subscribe for the year which was only $15 and provides access to all books published. Admittedly, there are not many books published but the ones that are available look very intriguing. The books feature pictures and beautiful design and are great short reads.

I will be reviewing various books over the next few months, but I did do a fun read from the founder of Found about developing connections with strangers through the use of intriguing questions. I have included some screenshots below.




Inspiration: Google Cultural Institute


As part of my pursuit of innovation I have learned the importance of dabbling and finding ever ending sources of inspiration.  I currently subscribe to a number of art and design blogs and portfolio sites but recently stumbled across the Google Cultural Institute which is an amazing find.

This site features a number of museums from around the world and showcases some of their select pieces and exhibits.  I greatly appreciate the ability to see museums globally, some of which are ones I have visited and loved (Ateneum in Helsinki and the British Museum) and ones I have not (Museo Galileo and the Islamic Museum in Qatar).  There are other special exhibits such as  the world wonders project which gives you a “street view” of the sites as well as the LIFE photo collection.

You can spend hours getting lost in the site and it is well worth the free visit.