GIM Certificate


I was recently browsing Innovation Excellence, a great Innovation Blog (you can check out my post on other Innovation Blogs here), and found the GIM certificate being administered by the Global Innovation Management Institute, Hult and Innovation Excellence.

The certificate has a number of levels but they are offering an initial free level called “Catalyst”.  The overall program helps to provide training in skills, frameworks and tools to help innovation workers and has some great content.  If you are interested in learning more I suggest checking out the free version, the initial test and study guide is pretty lightweight and a good way to get oriented into the basics of innovation.



Stanford Venture Lab: Design Thinking Action Lab


Stanford’s Venture Lab is by far my favorite provider of MOOCs and I have complete a few courses with them including Crash Course on Creativity and Technology Entrepreneurship.  I was more than excited when they announced their new course “Design Thinking Action Lab” over the summer and I jumped on the opportunity to participate.

This course was a great introduction to the design thinking process and had many unique and fun features to it, including pre-release access to a design thinking documentary.   I found this course in comparison to others I have taken had assignments that were a reasonable amount of effort without being too unwieldy.  There were short videos and interactive learning opportunities throughout that added to the experience. The community of students taking the course proved very engaged and provided me with more resources and ideas than I have found in other courses (many of which I will profile in upcoming posts).   This is a course I would highly recommend others to take. You can view upcoming sessions on their website and I have created an Accredible slate that contains some of my past assignments.

Skillshare Love


I decided this week to do a short profile one of my favorite platforms for learning and experiencing new topics, Skillshare.  There are a number of fantastic courses on Skillshare with new courses launching all the time.  Skillshare has also recently launched a number of online “schools” focused on specific areas such as Design, Fashion or Business.  I have now attended a number of great courses including Minimum Viable Product: Launch Your Startup Idea for Less than 1k(highly recommended) from SkillShare’s founder,  Speak UP: Be a Thought Leader + Electrify Your Reach,  Create Powerful Portraits w/ Hip Hop’s Premier Photographer and Web Design and Copywriting: Build Insanely Effective Landing Pages With Old School Secrets.  In each course you conduct a project and hear from experts in the field who always have nuggets of gold to share throughout the course.  While a lot of these topics are quite varied it is interesting to be able to apply them to the work you do in unique ways and learn key innovation skills such as communication, presentation skills and intrapreneurship.

Stanford Venture Lab: Crash Course on Creativity


I am a huge fan of MOOCs and have been dabbling in a number of courses across the different platforms.  One of my favorite courses so far was Stanford’s Crash Course on Creativity.  The course is part of their Venture Lab which is a collection of classes focused on entrepreneurship and innovation.

The course walked through a number of unique creative challenges from re-purposing chewing gum into something useful to a practice in observing your surroundings.  This course stands out from many of the others due to not only the quality of the instruction but the thoughtfulness in making it something manageable to do while working.  I committed about 2hours per week to completing the activities which were always fun and engaging, it was manageable but I still learned and practiced the skills being taught.  Each week there was also a collection of readings from Tina’s book as well as lecture notes and supporting videos.  Tina is a great professor and between her TED talks and recordings made specifically for the class I was able to glean some great insights into creativity.

This course was a great precursor to innovation and something I would recommend everyone to take to challenge your creative thinking.  You can learn more about the course at Stanford Venture Lab as well as see my Accredible Slate for the course.