Stanford Quarterly Co – DSC06


I have to say, when I receive my Stanford Deign School Quarterly Co shipments it feels a little bit like early Christmas.  I did an introductory post on the shipments, but essentially the boxes are created by Stanford Dschool to give you a peek inside their design thinking methodologies and activities.

This month the challenge read as follows, “Your challenge is to construct a light sculpture using the elements provided.  Vary the number of pieces you use and you’ll discover both a different product and process.”  This particular activity has been part of the “Creative Gym” class at the dSchool so it was exciting to have it sitting on my kitchen table.  Inside the box there was a socket and identically shaped and sized inter-lockable plastic pieces.

I definitely underestimated the difficulty of the challenge (luckily I had a whole Saturday afternoon to attempt it).  I played around with the pieces and made a few different shapes.  At first I thought there was one answer for how to interlock them, and while true (straight edge to curved edge), there were many ways to connect the pieces differently.  I ultimately decided I would try to use them all in a pattern where each “corner” had 5 interlocking edges.  While I thought I was making a more spherical shape, what resulted was more of a “cranium” but I think this was appropriate given how much this challenge stretched my mind so I decided to keep it.

It was amazing how many different outcomes could result from seemingly identical inputs used in different ways, overall a great innovation lesson.

dschool2    dschool6 dschool7 dschool8 dschool9 dschool10


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