IDEO Method Card Review


I’ve had my IDEO cards for a while (and in fact IDEO originally published these cards in 2003!).  The deck includes 51 different methods straight from the design firm to help you innovate and create.   They are a longstanding resource in the field of innovation and ideation and an essential tool to keep in your Innovation Toolkit.    My favorite part of these cards is how they are divided into 4 sections; “Learn”, “Look”, “Ask” and “Try”.  Depending on the help you need you can easily flip through these cards and try out the activities detailed on one side or get inspired by the colorful pictures on the other.

You can buy them on Amazon or download it on the App Store.



Stanford Venture Lab: Design Thinking Action Lab


Stanford’s Venture Lab is by far my favorite provider of MOOCs and I have complete a few courses with them including Crash Course on Creativity and Technology Entrepreneurship.  I was more than excited when they announced their new course “Design Thinking Action Lab” over the summer and I jumped on the opportunity to participate.

This course was a great introduction to the design thinking process and had many unique and fun features to it, including pre-release access to a design thinking documentary.   I found this course in comparison to others I have taken had assignments that were a reasonable amount of effort without being too unwieldy.  There were short videos and interactive learning opportunities throughout that added to the experience. The community of students taking the course proved very engaged and provided me with more resources and ideas than I have found in other courses (many of which I will profile in upcoming posts).   This is a course I would highly recommend others to take. You can view upcoming sessions on their website and I have created an Accredible slate that contains some of my past assignments.

Quarterly Co. dSchool


I recently started subscribing to Stanford dSchool’s Quarterly Co. subscription and just received by first exciting shipment.  The dSchool’s mailings are meant to provide a new creative experience delivered to your door every quarter.  The box aims to help you “a) see differently; b) act radically; and c) have some good old-fashioned fun.”  This is a great way to get a peek into the dSchool’s process and access exclusive activities and materials straight from the school.

This quarter the experience is focused on “Sketching”, a key creative skill set and something I’ve had on my list to improve.  The kit contained a couple notebooks (one meant to act as a guide with sketching lessons/prompts), pencils, a pen, a bullet shaped pencil sharpener and an elastic band to hold it all together.  I’m really excited by the kit and eager to jump in and start putting my skills to the test