Apps for Ideation


Ideation is an important part of all Innovation processes and I have collected a number of my favorite iPhone/iPad apps that can help you both generate and capture your ideas.


Oflow is one of my favorite apps to go to when I need some inspiration or need to try a new method to generate ideas.  Not only is the design sleek, but there are over 150 different methods and activities that you can try.  You can also email your favorite methods and takes notes as you go. iTunes


Concept Maker

This app features a good set of Inspiration Cards, a Random Inspiration section that generates photos, an Idea Clock which challenges you to complete a certain number of inspiration cards in a set timeframe as well as a Notes feature.  The app is bright cheery and fun, just what you need to generate ideas.  iTunes


This app has a vintage feel and is quite fun. First pick your brain size (correlated to the difficulty of the vocabulary), press “Go!” and you will get three random words to prompt your creativity. iTunes


Idea Generator

Idea Generator is another random word generating app but has a few unique features.  First, it has a ton of words! Second, when you randomize the three wheels of words, you can lock certain words.  I use this one the most to come up with new ideas. iTunes



As someone who generates ideas wherever I am I have really enjoyed this app.  You can set reminders, take pictures, document regular text notes, make voice recordings and even develop checklists and you can categorize all these documents into “spaces”.  It is easily searchable and you can share your notes or spaces with other people. iTunes



I downloaded this app recently and have loved the structure it has given me around my ideas, not to mention it is beautifully designed.  While the app is geared primarily for new business ideas, I think it can be used to structure anything from new products to internal intrapreneurship. iTunes



Thoughtback is a really unique concept when it comes to both capturing and recalling ideas.  As you go throughout your day you can add ideas, quotes, thoughts,pictures or observations to the app and categorize them with hashtags.  Then the app stores these ideas and at some random point in the future will ping your entry back to you.  It’s a great idea to re-inspire yourself!   iTunes




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