Skillshare Love


I decided this week to do a short profile one of my favorite platforms for learning and experiencing new topics, Skillshare.  There are a number of fantastic courses on Skillshare with new courses launching all the time.  Skillshare has also recently launched a number of online “schools” focused on specific areas such as Design, Fashion or Business.  I have now attended a number of great courses including Minimum Viable Product: Launch Your Startup Idea for Less than 1k(highly recommended) from SkillShare’s founder,  Speak UP: Be a Thought Leader + Electrify Your Reach,  Create Powerful Portraits w/ Hip Hop’s Premier Photographer and Web Design and Copywriting: Build Insanely Effective Landing Pages With Old School Secrets.  In each course you conduct a project and hear from experts in the field who always have nuggets of gold to share throughout the course.  While a lot of these topics are quite varied it is interesting to be able to apply them to the work you do in unique ways and learn key innovation skills such as communication, presentation skills and intrapreneurship.


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