Stanford Venture Lab: Crash Course on Creativity


I am a huge fan of MOOCs and have been dabbling in a number of courses across the different platforms.  One of my favorite courses so far was Stanford’s Crash Course on Creativity.  The course is part of their Venture Lab which is a collection of classes focused on entrepreneurship and innovation.

The course walked through a number of unique creative challenges from re-purposing chewing gum into something useful to a practice in observing your surroundings.  This course stands out from many of the others due to not only the quality of the instruction but the thoughtfulness in making it something manageable to do while working.  I committed about 2hours per week to completing the activities which were always fun and engaging, it was manageable but I still learned and practiced the skills being taught.  Each week there was also a collection of readings from Tina’s book as well as lecture notes and supporting videos.  Tina is a great professor and between her TED talks and recordings made specifically for the class I was able to glean some great insights into creativity.

This course was a great precursor to innovation and something I would recommend everyone to take to challenge your creative thinking.  You can learn more about the course at Stanford Venture Lab as well as see my Accredible Slate for the course.


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